Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are tailor made to cover a wide and varied range of security situations from the smallest CCTV system of one camera to the largest consisting of hundreds of cameras. Basic domestic CCTV systems consist of 4-8 cameras, covering external entry points onto the property or into the house. Our qualified consultants will make pertinent suggestions & observations and ask questions about you and your business. From this information we will tailor make systems that suits your requirements and budgets.

On-site recording of events to computer controlled DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) in real-time which can be viewed locally, networked via LAN or WAN, or accessed via the internet from anywhere in the world, including all types of smart phones.

Systems are available for vehicles, taxi’s, sensitive freight, patient transport etc to provide safety for the drivers.

DVR software technology now approaches PC-style convenience, giving search & save facilities, video images that can be saved to disk, transmitted via Email, and cameras that can detect motion within the field of view, track movement, connect to POS systems and much more. DVR’s use analogue signals from the camera.

IP cameras can connect directly to computer networks and can be viewed just as easily. They can be recorded onto a Network Video Recorder (NVR). NVR’s use streaming digital data from the camera.


Remote Access

Our monitoring station / Control Room can log into the camera system to verify any alarm activations. You can have full confidence that if we dispatch a patrolman to answer an alarm report, that it was genuine. Via the control room we can provide ‘virtual’ patrol man tours, and regularly check premises for crowd control. We can, via an intercom system, remotely open gates to allow drivers to deliver freight out of hours. Camera locations will be in such a position as to provide vehicle description. You can log in at any point to view live or recorded footage, via any computer or smart phone. A head office can access footage if required.

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Anthony Keys, Anrik Communications' Managing Director, is a foundation member of Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL)